Each of the Nonprofit Skills® certificates are tailored to the areas that can be the most challenging, yet the most beneficial, to the success and development of a nonprofit organization’s mission. Courses are self-paced and online, and can be taken based on the learner’s availability.

Nonprofit Skills® for Board Members

Nonprofit Skills® for Board Members: Board Fundamentals Certificate 

The Board Fundamentals Certificate offers current and future board members training to increase their understanding of the responsibilities associated with their role. This should help them in their ability to have a positive impact on the nonprofit’s governance and operations.

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Nonprofit Skills® for Leaders

Nonprofit Skills® for Leaders: Nonprofit Communications Certificate 

The mission of a nonprofit is the driving force behind its existence, and being able to articulate it clearly to staff, volunteers, board members, funders and the general public is imperative to the organization’s success. The courses in the Nonprofit Skills® for Leaders: Nonprofit Communications certificate help learners develop the skills that are most needed in each facet of the nonprofit communication landscape, allowing them to communicate confidently with both internal and external audiences.  

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Nonprofit Skills® for Leaders: Strategic Planning Certificate 

The Strategic Planning Certificate is a comprehensive approach to creating and communicating the elements of a strategic plan. Using real-world examples, case studies and videos featuring subject matter experts, the courses help learners develop the skills that bring clarity to the process of planning and executing the goals and objectives of the organization.

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